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    We advise viewers seeking to acquire turtles to consider adopting unwanted pet turtles. We are very pleased with the turtles we have adopted and we have wild caught turtles that we believe were released pets. We also advise viewers to consider personality more than looks. We have adopted some very poor looking turtles who have the nicest personalities. Most adult turtles are not perfect specimens anyway. We also believe that domesticated turtles adapt to new homes more readily than wild caught turtles and are more able to form strong bonds with their new owners.

    We think purchasing turtles and catching wild turtles is okay too. Our experience has shown us that younger turtles adapt more easily especially babies. On the other hand many adult male turtles could land on the moon and not care if females are present. But some wild caught turtles take a long time to adapt to captivity.

    It is also our experience that new turtles may not be accepted by other turtles. This is usually a problem within species especially among competing males. Some males have such a strong drive to mate that they can not be kept with females in the small confines typical of pet habitats. Wood turtles and spotted turtles are well known for this problem. Male box turtles can be just as hard on other male box turtles. Unfortunately sometimes we need to find a new home for a new turtle.

     All summer we hear from people who see turtles laying eggs in their yards in places they consider unsafe or inconvenient like in the middle of their driveways. These caring people want the eggs to survive but are not interested in raising baby turtles. We advise them to place the eggs in a deli container like we show in Tour Eight: Caring for Turtle Eggs and find an interested person to adopt them. So we will list eggs if they are available for adoption. Dig your own eggs is also an acceptable listing.

    On occasion we take in unwanted turtles who need cared for while new owners are sought. This occurs more often at the end of the summer season. Some friends bring us turtles in the fall knowing that we can accommodate them for the winter. We usually have no problem finding new owners in the spring.

    And it is fair to say that if you are reading this page, you may have visited other web sites that make available turtles for adoption. Some of the questions they ask make us wander if they really want to part with the turtles. Some even ask for references from a veterinarian. They seek to pass judgment on one's ability to love and care for turtles based on answering a questionnaire but make exceptions for red-eared sliders. Donations are usually expected. While tempted, we have never registered with any of them.

    Still we are drawn to the subject of acquiring turtles. Many viewers are looking for turtles especially babies. So we have decided to help place turtles in new homes.  By helping you we will also be helping your turtles.

     It should not surprise anyone that red-eared sliders are the most common turtles in need of new homes. The quantity of red-eared sliders available is evidenced by the huge number of these turtles being sold in the pet trade. The number of them being sold is also evidence of the desirability of these turtles as pets. Still finding new homes for them can take time. Offering your aquarium and accessories with your turtles makes adoption possible by more people.

  We will list turtles that are available for adoption for free that are located anywhere in the world. We will also list turtles available from non-profit organizations who do not require donations, memberships in the organizations, or the filling out of lengthy questionnaires.

Turtles Available for Adoption

     In order to speed up the adoption of red-eared sliders who dominate our list of available turtles, we have created a list of people who will take in red-eared sliders. If you have red-eared sliders that need a new home, please check this list for someone in your area before placing them on our list of Turtles Available for Adoption. If there is no one in your area, do not hesitate to have them listed by us. If you have room for red-eared sliders, please have your name added to this list.

Red-Eared Sliders Wanted

     We are creating a list of people looking to acquire pet turtles and tortoises. This should help people find homes for their turtles if there is someone in their area on the list. In time this list may absorb our Red-eared Sliders Wanted list but we will keep both for now. This is another free service by TurtleTails.com.

People looking for Pet Turtles


    Just so you know, TurtleTails.com is not a non-profit organization. The web site is a privately owned hobby site. We never sell turtles or accept monetary donations.



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